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Lieblingsplätze für Wanderer - Eifel

Our book about all premium hiking trails throughout the Eifel region

What our travel guide offers for hikers

All 64 premium hiking trails (as of November 2023) between Belgium, Luxembourg, the Moselle, and the Rhine. Inspiring pictures for each trail, including recommended places to stop and local excursion tips. Real insider information and GPX tour downloads for Outdooractive and Komoot.

About the Eifel as a hiking region

The Eifel scores with a diverse landscape: deep gorges, fairy-tale castles, and a unique volcanic and lake landscape. Here, ancient treasures tell a thrilling history that can be explored on numerous hiking trails.

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What do we blog about?

We passionately share our experiences, insider tips, and the best places for unforgettable nature experiences. Whether you are an experienced hiker or an outdoor enthusiast, here you will find everything you need for your next adventures in nature. Join us on our journey and let yourself be inspired by the fascination of being outdoors.

Erlebniswandern in den Bergen


In our hiking and travel blog, we introduce you to various hiking trails. Using our own comprehensive rating system, you can find the perfect hike for you.

Südseefeeling in Deutschland auf der Insel Mainau

Travel Reports

City trips or wellness vacations, exploring culinary delights or being active on foot. We write about travel destinations to fall in love with, as well as the occasional cultural highlight.

Zelt mit Lagerfeuer

Product Reviews

We share our experiences with outdoor equipment of all kinds. Everything we have with us on our adventures is tested, always under real conditions and based on our personal opinions.

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Forest guide in the Eifel National Park

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